INSTRUCTION VALORANT Private and lite  Kzt

Don’t forget to deactivate your antivirus
and not to put your games in full screen
observe the instructions indicated before contacting the STAFF




1. Disable all protections and uninstall antivirus software’s.

2. Put game in windowed or bordeless (fulscreen windowed)

3. Run loader as ADMIN

4. Put your licence key


Your games should not be full screen

5. Run game

6. Menu key is INSERT

I have a blue screen

if you have blue screens Do this BIOS AND DISABLE SECURE BOT 

A Few Words


How and where I receive the product

after purchase you receive your activation key by email and also in your customer area on our site

how do i download the launcher

just go to the Download & instruction page to download our launcher

I have a problem how to ask for help

For that nothing more simple you have a contact bubble on your left.

Click on this bubble and wait. An administrator will come to your help

Or join our discord and open a ticket on discord

AFTER trying the cheat I want to be refunded

Payments and Refunds

refer to our page on this subject

Get in Touch!

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